Trends in E-commerce 2018


Transforming Run-the-bank Budgets into Build-the-bank Opportunities

This report identifies the shift in e-commerce governance from siloed to centralised decision-making and the anticipated reversal of this trend toward a more federated norm out to 2020. The 2018 edition of this report, which is based on a 2017 survey of 20 investment banks, explores changes to the technology delivery processes within banks, e-commerce functionality across the pre-trade, trade execution and post-trade spaces, and it examines the key challenges for e-commerce providers in 2018 – which encompass the provision of e-commerce services across a range of channels. The analysis was based on the results of GreySpark’s Trends in E-commerce 2017 survey, which queried bank e-commerce thought leaders on: client segmentation; the competitive landscape; e-commerce functionality; refreshing the technology stack; e-commerce governance; and respondents’ view of the road ahead for sellside e-commerce franchises.

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GreySpark previously identified the need to offer e-trading services across all asset and instrument classes, and to offer full front-to-back services as key competitive arenas in the past. The achievement of these objectives remains the proviso of only the most technologically-sophisticated banks. Further, banks are responding to increased buyside system connectivity demand by broadening the access channels to their e-commerce offerings. GreySpark believes that the efforts to provide full asset class, front-to-back coverage across both their single-dealer platform and via application programming interfaces is the key challenge in 2018.

Published on: 7 Feb, 2018

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Trends in E-commerce 2018 – Table of Contents

  • 1.0 Sellside E-commerce: A Brief Introduction
    • 1.1 Historical Overview of E-commerce Development
    • 1.2 The Development of Multi-asset Class Coverage & Functionality
  • 2.0 Sellside E-commerce Offerings in 2017
    • 2.1 Pre-Trade Functionality
    • 2.2 Trade Execution Functionality
    • 2.3 Post-Trade Functionality
    • 2.4 Cross-asset Class Functionality
  • 3.0 Sellside E-commerce Governance
    • 3.1 Governance Structure & Budget
    • 3.2 Technology Delivery & Budget
    • 3.3 Market Positioning & Competitor Analysis
  • 4.0 The Sellside E-commerce Road Ahead
    • 4.1 In the Short term
    • 4.2 In the Medium term
  • 5.0 Appendices
    • 5.1 Glossary of Terms
    • 5.2 Table of Figures