Digital Transformation: The Capital Markets Innovation Landscape 2019


Fintech Innovation in Investment Banks, Exchange Operators & Asset Managers

This report examines the means by which capital markets participants seek to capture and implement innovation in financial technology, both by harnessing internal innovation and in engagement with external fintech providers. By evaluating the efforts of 30 Tier I and Tier II global investment banks, 25 exchange operator groups and 17 of the world’s largest asset managers, the report:

  • builds on and refreshes the analysis of investment bank efforts previously undertaken;
  • expands the scope of capital market participants analysed;
  • assesses the geographic qualities of the global fintech innovation landscape; and
  • provides focused analysis of exchange operator innovation efforts.

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Specifically, investment banks, exchange operator groups and asset managers all engage with not only established fintech providers but also with startups, while simultaneously implementing new initiatives to facilitate internal innovation within their respective institutions. As the origination points of innovation shift beyond investment banks and established fintech vendors, innovation initiatives increasingly embed themselves globally and beyond traditional financial centres.

This report quantifies a range of initiatives by which different types of capital markets participants engage with fintech innovation both internal and external companies through internal innovation teams, strategic investment initiatives as well as innovation lab and technology accelerator structures. Particular attention on exchange operator innovation drivers and efforts as well as the geographic locations of innovation efforts provide readers of the 2019 Capital Markets Innovation Landscape with the opportunity to both broaden and deepen the understanding of capital markets innovation previously presented in the report series.

Published on: 5 Nov, 2019

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  • 1.0 Mapping the Capital Markets Innovation Landscape
    • 1.1 Investment Banks
    • 1.2 Exchange Group Operators
    • 1.3 Asset Management Firms
    • 1.4 Geography
  • 2.0 A Closer Look at Exchange Innovation Efforts
    • 2.1 A Statistical Look at Exchange Efforts
    • 2.2 Posit: Exchanges are Better Positioned to Innovate on Market Infrastructure than Banks
    • 2.3 Gauging the Focus of Exchange Innovation Efforts
  • 3.0 Assessing Investment Bank Delivery on Capital Markets Innovation
    • 3.1 Re-designing the Walled Garden
    • 3.2 Putting the Horse Before the Cart
  • 4.0 Appendices
    • 4.1 Table of Figures

Report Data & Figures

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