Digital Investment Banking – Beyond Single-Dealer Platforms


Digital Investment Banking – Beyond Single-Dealer Platforms examines the state of banking platforms from the perspective of professional investors. The report is targeted at buyside readers, analysing the buyside approach to e-commerce offerings.

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The report finds that although e-commerce has become prevalent in most asset classes and despite the increasing sophistication of the tools deployed by the sellside, actual e-commerce approaches have changed very little since the pioneering days. In an overwhelming majority of cases, single-dealer platforms (SDPs) still focus on research and execution for a specific asset class. As a result, a typical global investment bank inundates its clients with a multitude of user interfaces, platforms or Internet applications; this is both inefficient and confusing.

SDPs are now at a critical junction: they can either keep packing more features into a limited form-factor, or they can focus on the user’s experience and productivity. Additionally, the power to choose with whom to trade is shifting away from the banks towards the buyside. Investors have, more than ever, the power to decide where, with whom and how to trade. In that context, GreySpark comments on the characteristics of the new generation of banking platforms – the upcoming Digital Investment Banking. In particular, it looks at a new solution from UBS – Neo.

Digital Investment Banking – Beyond Single-Dealer Platforms was produced in partnership with UBS Investment Bank. The report is a buyside-focused spin-off from GreySpark’s research series Trends e-Commerce and Electronic Trading

Published on: 18 Sep, 2013

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Digital Investment Banking – Beyond Single-Dealer Platforms – Table of Contents

  • 1.0 Challenging Times for Professional Investors
    • 1.1. Changing Imperatives
    • 1.2. Navigating the Regulatory Minefield
    • 1.3. e-Commerce Solutions are Built for the Banks, Not Their Clients
    • 1.4. Banks Make It Hard for Investors to Deal with Them
  • 2.0 An Imperfect World
    • 2.1. Growing Electronification
    • 2.2. Changing Market Structure
    • 2.3. Limited Multi-asset Capabilities and PartialCoverage of the Lifecycle
    • 2.4. Disjointed Technology
  • 3.0 Digital Investment Banking
    • 3.1. Putting the User in the Driving Seat
    • 3.2. Compliant Today and Ready for Tomorrow
    • 3.3. Universal Coverage
    • 3.4. No More Complexity
  • 4.0 UBS Neo: Evolution or Revolution?
    • 4.1. Direct Access to UBS’s Intelligence
    • 4.2. Built for the New Market Paradigm
    • 4.3. Multi-asset and Cross Lifecycle
    • 4.4. Simplicity is the Ultimate Form of Sophistication
  • 5.0 Conclusion