Deriving Value from Managed FIX Services BI Analytics


Vendors Must Transition their Offerings to Include Business Intelligence Analytics to Remain Relevant

This report assesses how the use by Tier I to Tier III brokers of vendor-provided managed FIX connectivity components can be enhanced by business intelligence data analytics applications designed to equip front-office personnel with rich insights into the trading behavior of their clients. In making use of such BI toolkits, brokers are provided a greater range of opportunities to optimize existing or new client trading relationships through insights that allow for:

  • the identification of new revenue streams;
  • assessments of client profitability on a trade-by-trade basis; and, ultimately
  • the reduction of client and markets connectivity costs over time.

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GreySpark believes that vendor-provided managed FIX connectivity components – spanning order routing networks, client connectivity services and FIX engines software – are now evolving into robust, platform-centric connectivity ecosystems inside of which a wealth of buyside client and counterparty behavioral and historical and real-time trade / transactional data typically lies untapped.

However, in order for brokers to clearly understand how best to rationalize the total cost of ownership associated with those components, they must first be able to clearly differentiate between those providers capable of presenting attractive alternatives to the rigors of the buy vs. build decision-making process via consolidated, platform-centric offerings and those that cannot.

To support this thinking, this report examines the order routing networks, client connectivity services and FIX engines vendor competitive landscape across 18 offerings competing for user market share in 2019.

Published on: 28 Oct, 2019

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  • 1.0 Assessing the Competitive Landscape for Managed FIX Services
    • 1.1 The Order Routing Network Vendor Competitive Landscape
    • 1.2 The Client Connectivity Service Vendor Competitive Landscape
    • 1.3 The FIX Engines Vendor Competitive Landscape
  • 2.0 Extracting Business Insights from Managed FIX Services
    • 2.1 Client Order Flow Insights to Enhance Customer Relationship Management & Generate New Revenue Streams
    • 2.2 Optimizing Client & Vendor Cost Management
    • 2.3 Real-time Business Transparency to Enable IT Operations Teams & Risk Managers to Support Front-office Trading Activities
    • 2.4 Enabling the Digital Transformation of the Client / Broker Services Paradigm
  • 3.0 Next Generation Managed FIX Services
    • 3.1 The Benefits of Managed FIX Services
    • 3.2 Business Intelligence Toolkits for Business Analysts Bundled into a Managed FIX Service
  • 4.0 Appendix
    • 4.1 Table of Figures

Report Data & Figures

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