Buyer’s Guide: Buyside Multi-asset OEMS


An Evolving Market Landscape

GreySpark Partners presents a report exploring how, in 2017, asset managers, hedge funds, institutional investors and wealth managers are under pressure from regulations and tighter margins to cut operational and technological costs. Regulations, particularly those concerning trade and transaction reporting, that require additional data generation and recording are causing buyside firms to reassess their technology stack and the systems and processes in place. Operating margins and profit margins across the industry continue to remain tight while costs soar as regulatory compliance and digitalisation projects are undertaken.

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The investment management industry’s heightened interest in multi-asset OEMSs is a consequence of the emergence of asset managers and hedge funds that are adopting multi-asset class trading strategies in an attempt to overcome the inertia currently experienced in equities trading and the move to trading in alternative asset classes that this is driving.

Some buyside firms such as large asset managers and mid-to-large size hedge funds also require real-time data analytics that integrate with an OEMS, as well as risk management tools and transaction cost analysis (TCA) systems to generate a cross-asset, front-to-back office view of risk across the trade lifecycle.

This buyer’s guide assesses ten technology vendor solutions that target the buyside OEMS space. The vendors reviewed in the report are:

  • Bloomberg;
  • Charles River;
  • Fidessa;
  • Flextrade;
  • Inforeach;
  • Instinet;
  • Murex;
  • Portware;
  • TORA; and
  • TradingScreen.

The report sets out the breadth of functional coverage of the ten surveyed vendors –providing an assessment of the quality of the functionality as such a qualitative assessment can only reasonably be ascertained on a client-by-client basis, giving consideration to the unique requirements, current system state and target end state of each potential client. The OMS functionality surveyed include:

  • pre-trade tools and post-trade tools;
  • order management and routing;
  • trading;
  • market data and market connectivity;
  • TCA and risk management;
  • straight-through processing;
  • compliance; and
  • portfolio analysis and P&L calculation.

Published on: 7 Feb, 2017

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Buyer’s Guide: Buyside Multi-asset OEMS – Table of Contents

  • 1.0 Trends in the Buyside OMS and EMS Landscape
  • 2.0 Vendor Solution Analysis
    • 2.1 Bloomberg
    • 2.2 Charles River
    • 2.3 Fidessa
    • 2.4 Flextrade
    • 2.5 Inforeach
    • 2.6 Instinet
    • 2.7 Murex
    • 2.8 Portware
    • 2.9 TORA
    • 2.10 TradingScreen
  • 3.0 Appendices
    • 3.1 Table of Figures