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Data-driven approach to e-commerce essential for Banks looking to Improve Services and Increase Profitability, Reveals New Report from GreySpark Partner

A new report from GreySpark Partners, a leading London-headquartered capital markets consulting firm, explores the latest trends in investment banking e-commerce. The report, Trends in E-commerce 2014, highlights that banks, in order to remain competitive, should adopt cross-channel e-commerce solutions that employs scientific data analysis to improve client services as well as the bank’s own profitability from facilitating their client’s trading activity.

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Importance of User Experience Design Increases as Single-bank Trading Platforms Evolve

New research from GreySpark Partners, a London-based capital markets consultancy, examines the evolving role of UX design as a competitive differentiator in the design of SDP trading systems. This comes at a time that investment bank clients demand UX to be a prerequisite to the systems that they use. The report, UX and Software Development in Banking, is published in partnership with London-based UX consultancy, Tobias & Tobias.

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