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Supervision Management Platform


UK Investment Bank


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6 Months

The Ask

Years of organic business growth had left the bank with a large, global work-force but no centralised organisational and supervisory hierarchy reporting or management.

New international regulations and an internal need to reduce wastage through role consolidation drove the need to build such a system in-house.

While an off-shore development team was available, all off-shored projects over the previous 18 months had failed to hit the business’ deadlines, so the decision was made to build a senior, London-based development team.


GreySpark provided a senior team of technical and business consultants, led by a managing consultant, to augment the existing London team.

Due to the fluid business requirements, the team made technical and business process suggestions to address known requirements whilst being adaptable to predicted future compliance demands.

GreySpark also helped the client team to refine the development processes.


The GreySpark team was tasked with delivering:

  • A replacement “profile” management tool for all employees.
  • Ratification on design and technology decisions.
  • Appropriate administration tools
  • Training in Agile development to the off-shore team.
  • BAU handover documentation.
  • Improved business requirement documents.
  • Feedback workshops.

GreySpark Delivered Benefits

  • The client was able to quickly build a London based team.
  • Phase 1 of the project was delivered early, allowing the client to deliver additional business “stretch” goals.
  • GreySpark was also able to help improve the development process and tools and provided training on new technologies to the client team.

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