Vendor Selection and RFP Management

Managing the evaluation and selection of vendor offerings

For more than a decade, GreySpark has designed and managed RFP processes for banks and buyside firms for a wide range of front- and middle-office systems across Equities, Fixed Income and FX. The result is an impressive backlog of knowledge of the generic requirements that organisations expect for each system. Over the years, GreySpark has honed this bank of knowledge into ready-made requirement sets for key systems used in the capital markets from trading platforms to surveillance systems to customer onboarding platforms.

Our Value

Many firms will see the selection of a vendor solution from a complex landscape of third-party product offerings as arduous and expensive. Clients sometimes struggle with competing perspectives within their organisation and need an independent third party to evaluate the vendors and manage the selection process.

At GreySpark, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry. Not only do we keep abreast of all technology developments, but we have a team of Fintech specialists to assist with the shortlisting of vendors to take to RFP. You never need be concerned that you have overlooked a more tempting vendor product.

GreySpark’s work on vendor evaluations are performed by industry practitioners and experts that have real world experience and an understanding of the vendor’s products, use cases and capabilities. We are 100% independent and have no bias toward one vendor over another and we do not resell any technology. You can trust that our recommendations are provided on a completely impartial and unbiased basis and are in the best interests of ensuring that our clients’ needs and requirements are met.

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Service Elements

Blend of Skills

  • The Capital Markets Intelligence (CMI) research team, Market-leading Fintech practice and experienced consulting practitioners bring together a unique blend of skills ensuring we give our clients a comprehensive understanding of industry trends affecting the relevant technology space
  • Experts bringing decades of experience acquired working for leading organisations & ensuring the delivery of innovative pragmatic solutions
  • GreySpark has seen the good the bad and the ugly of vendor technology and we help our clients become aware of both the opportunities and the pitfalls

Leaning on Research & Strategy

  • Leaning on our repository of knowledge generated by our Capital Markets Intelligence research team, we provide our clients with a comprehensive view of industry trends
  • Understanding of a wide range of vendors from the GreySpark Fintech Practice’s vendor database
  • Drawing these repository of knowledge together enables us to help our clients explore the possibilities that new technology platforms and analytics tools could offer their organisation

Garnering Requirements

  • Years of consulting across the capital markets has created a bank of knowledge of how capital markets firms operate
  • We deploy subject matter experts to garner your technology requirements, develop a target operating model and process maps
  • Overall, we take a business-oriented approach with a clear understanding of the full trade cycle & the role played by all market participants

Templates and IP

  • Our years of experience of undertaking vendor selections and running RFIs and RFPs for clients has enabled us to leverage a raft of templates to use to significantly shorten the time taken to chose the optimal vendor
  • Templates include business requirements documents, RFP documentation, scoring and analysis among many others
  • We provide an in-depth and detailed analysis across regulatory, organisational, technological and operational aspects


Outputs are driven by what the client needs, but generally include target architecture, analysis of both functional and non-functional requirements against what each vendor is able to provide, as well as an analysis of their commercial proposals. GreySpark draws this all together to create an overall assessment and score of the vendor’s solution and its fitness for purpose for our client. So, while each project is unique, the following stages are generally followed for a vendor selection or RFP project:


Requirements Gathering

  • GreySpark evaluates and assists in the functional and technical requirements of the electronic trading business
  • GreySpark gathers requirements and form a business requirements document which will be used to put together a detailed RFP


Vendor Identification

  • The client provides its initial list of potential vendors to invite to the tendering process
  • GreySpark reviews and potentially enriches the invited vendors list, based on each vendor’s delivery capabilities and their ability and willingness to meet the commercial objectives of the client
  • For each vendor, a detailed RFP is issued to confirm functional and technical suitability, company profiling and high-level costing


Vendor Support

  • GreySpark manages the interactions with the vendors as they prepare and develop their responses to the vendor selection
  • In particular, GreySpark gathers all questions from participating vendors and answers them on behalf of the client


Vendor Management

  • We manage the vendors’ expectations and provide guidance and support during the completion of the RFP response
  • And we arrange and facilitate vendor presentations and demos to the client


Vendor Evaluation

  • We then evaluate and score the vendor responses against the client’s functional and non-functional requirements
  • We assess the commercial information provided by the vendor including the breakdown of the fixed and variable costs
  • We establish a shortlist of vendors which can meet the client’s specifications and commercial objectives



  • We produce a final evaluation and scoring of each vendor
  • We offer support and advice on the designation of the selected vendor
  • Finally, we read-out the Final Presentation deliverable


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