Programme Test Management & Quality Assurance

Testing is an established part of the SDLC; indeed, most organisations mandate successful completion of a testing phase before proceeding to implementation. It is now the norm for testing to engage across the entire spectrum of SDLC activities, rather than just prior to implementation.
Quality Assurance processes are also increasingly utilised as a differentiator for an organisation’s products and services. By ensuring that the quality of deliverables is constantly monitored and enhanced, customer expectations can be more easily met and often exceeded.

Our Value

Financial services have entered an era where qualitative technology improvements have become key success factors. GreySpark understands how critical the application of a Quality Management strategy is in today’s wholesale finance environment. By ensuring strategies cover improvement processes from conception, through development and into implementation, GreySpark helps clients stay ahead of the latest developments and trends.

GreySpark provides the thought leadership, decision support, proprietary research and area expertise necessary to mitigate risk and ensure successful outcomes across all testing-related SDLC engagement points.

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GreySpark provides the thought leadership, decision support, proprietary research and area expertise necessary to mitigate risk and ensure successful outcomes across all testing-related SDLC engagement points.

Programme Test Management & Quality Assurance Service Offering

GreySpark recognises that one size does not fit all. Our testing services are tailored to fit actual testing maturity and development methodologies such as Agile, RAD, Extreme Programming and Kanban.

Requirements Validation

  • Ensure a single shared understanding of the required deliverables across the Business, Development and Test Teams.
  • Identify defects whilst these are still on paper, prior to the development phase.
  • Ensure that each requirement can be validated via testing, which will demonstrate that the completed software development has correctly met the business needs.

Test Policy, Strategy, Approach

  • Fully inform all stakeholders of what the overall testing framework and approach is.
  • Provide transparency on the testing methodology, resource requirements, test automation and the purpose of any engagement with third-party vendors.
  • Identify what will be tested and what will not be tested across the deliverables.
  • Identify any costs associated with test automation and/or the involvement of any third-party vendors conducting offshore regression tests.

Test Readiness

  • Provide tailored training to meet the business imperatives of the organisation.
  • Modularise the training to suit the programme’s timescales and staff availability.
  • Provide practical post-training onsite support to fully integrate and consolidate all learnings.
  • Test Environments – Provide set-up and configuration and confirm fit-for-purpose after initial smoke testing.
  • Test Data – Identify required test data characteristics, confirm the data’s representation and populate it within the test environment.

Programme Test Management

  • Create a strategic partnership with the client to ensure the business stakeholders’ requirements are fully met.
  • Provide holistic oversight and cohesive management of all onshore and offshore testing activities undertaken across the programme.
  • Provide full planning and preparation for test activities.
  • Provide configuration management of all deliverables entering the test phase.
  • Identify and sequence all the required testing types.
  • Provide Quality Gates management across the testing lifecycle.

Test Automation

  • Provide confirmation that an automated test tool is required to meet the test requirements.
  • Conduct a Cost Benefits Analysis to show projected usage and pay-back period.
  • Provide consultancy to aid correct test tool selection.
  • Conduct a PoC to ensure that the selected tool meets its requirements on site prior to purchase.
  • Provide tool implementation support following purchase to ensure all required infrastructure and standards are in place to facilitate the tool’s continued usage.

Test Maturity Analysis

  • Identify any specific weaknesses and shortfalls within the current testing practice which require remediation.
  • Recommend specific solutions and enhancements such as changes to processes, standards, resourcing or tooling.
  • Provide onsite support for the implementation of improvements, to ensure that maximum benefit is obtained from them.
  • Identify any testing practice training requirements.


GreySpark’s Testing service offerings can engage across all stages of the SDLC.

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