Cyber Security

Protecting financial, reputational and operational health of financial services

GreySpark’s expertise in cyber security assurance stems from multiple implementations of security projects as an integral part of the FinTech solutions we provide to our clients.
Today banks and financial services firms are faced with increasing regulatory pressures and need to spend a large part of their budget on compliance efforts and safeguards against onerous liability concerns. Significant technological and cultural change, a rapidly disappearing perimeter between internal and external networks and growing use of cloud services are putting tremendous pressure on firms’ IT teams globally.
Our Cyber Security service offerings are designed to address those challenges. We work closely with financial institutions to understand their business drivers and security concerns and propose the best path forward for remediation and improvement.

Our Value

Combating cybercrime is now at the top of the agenda for financial and government institutions. Today’s increasingly cashless society, bolstered by booming Cloud, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies, has expanded the opportunities for cyber-enabled fraud and other criminal activities.

Today, the challenge for the financial services industry is to enforce a credible benchmark of cybersecurity controls based on international standards and best practices. Firms must anticipate cybersecurity events and enforce safeguards and security policies to protect their clients’ private information and avoid emerging risks.

GreySpark’s Cyber Security Assurance service has evolved as a tailored security advisory, assurance and implementation offering based on key international regulations and guidance for cyber security.

Interested in GreySpark's Cyber Security Services?

GreySpark’s Cyber Security Assurance service has evolved as a tailored security advisory, assurance and implementation offering based on key international regulations and guidance for cyber security.

Cyber Security Service Offering

Cyber Security Assurance Framework

  • Assessment of current cybersecurity posture versus target state
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement based on a continuous and repeatable process
  • Communication of identified cybersecurity risks to stakeholders

PCI DSS Compliance Assessment

  • Assessment of PCI DSS compliance posture and validation of readiness for the PCI DSS audit
  • Proposal of remediation actions
  • Project Management and advisory services during the remediation exercise

Secure Migration to Cloud Services

  • Capture of business requirements focusing on confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Analysis of cloud service vendors based on internationally recognised assessment methodologies
  • Recommendation of secure migration options


GreySpark has developed a proprietary due diligence framework for assessment of compliance. The process we follow includes the following steps:
  • Understand the client’s business goals
  • Plan the compliance assessment
  • Collect the information and evidence artefacts
  • Perform the assessment of compliance and evaluate the current state
  • Complete gap analysis and propose remediation actions
  • Deliver a report on compliance

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