We understand that consulting is about bringing innovative, pragmatic solutions to real-world challenges. We understand that our clients will only engage us if we can provide a substantial part of the solution to the problems that they cannot solve alone. This is our mission.

CMI Thought Leadership

GreySpark Partners have identified an opportunity to create a new analysis-, advisory- and research-centric service offering designed to provide buyside firms, financial technology vendors and sellside institutions.

Cyber Security

GreySpark’s expertise in cyber security assurance stems from multiple implementations of security projects as an integral part of the FinTech solutions we provide to our clients.


GreySpark has developed a rigorous and standardised methodology that maximise the relevance and accuracy of the evaluations, whilst minimising the efforts required from our clients.

Electronic Trading

GreySpark’s depth of expertise can be traced back to the beginning of the transformation from voice to electronic trading.

FinTech Advisory

The FinTech Advisory Practice has evolved from GreySpark’s experience advising clients on the use of and investments in new technologies and financial applications.

Programme Test Management

GreySpark provides the thought leadership, decision support, proprietary research and area expertise necessary to mitigate risk and ensure successful outcomes across all testing-related SDLC engagement points.

Regulatory Compliance

GreySpark has assisted global and regional banks in the translation of regulations into change initiatives through reviewing emerging policies, planning change programmes and implementing new tools and processes.

Risk Management

GreySpark has the experience and expertise to establish and deliver new operating models that deliver confidence across entire businesses, regardless of the regulatory jurisdiction.


Under regulations such as MiFID II and MAR, firms are required to be able to detect, prevent and report unlawful behaviour in a timely manner.

Tech Accelerator

Banks and their technology vendors are running on legacy technology and tackling the problem presents numerous challenges.

Digital & eCommerce



GreySpark Partners’ Sydney practice offers a comprehensive merchant acquiring and issuing services to help Australian banks sharpen their focus on client centric payments technology and retail services.