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Data Management and Analytics

Helping clients solve complex data problems, gain insights, increase efficiencies and minimise risk

Businesses today are awash with data; data that should be treated as an asset. If analysed correctly, businesses can gain valuable insights that can help increase revenue, reduce costs and manage risk more effectively. The data journey organisations undertake is not always free from obstacles, as they strive to unlock the value of their data. The optimal architecture to store data, the good governance and management of that data and clearly defined data models, processes and ownership are not always there. The key to unlocking the value of your organisation’s data is a good data strategy.

Our Value

Many businesses struggle to gain insights from data due to two main issues: they do not have the technical expertise to analyse and model the data; and they do not have ease-of-access to the data that would be required for analysis. Taking a holistic approach to data may seem time-consuming and difficult, but it is a necessary step to facilitate good data analysis. Adequate data management is the foundation on which a suite of analytics tools can be built. A considerable portion of any analytics project will involve manipulation of data. By implementing a long-term data strategy, this time-consuming process can be streamlined.

Analytics techniques have advanced considerably and terms such as machine learning are ubiquitous across the industry. However, building advanced analytics tools in-house — whether descriptive or prescriptive in nature — requires considerable investment by the business in order to implement effectively.

GreySpark works with clients at each stage of their data journey. We have a wealth of experience working with data and our consultants’ diverse experience and expertise mean we can assist you by:

  1. Providing consultation and advice on data strategy, governance and management
  2. Offering our expertise in building data governance frameworks to comply with relevant regulation
  3. Facilitating partnerships with third-party providers to implement data architecture solutions
  4. Delivering data analytics and modelling solutions, including predictive analytics
  5. Evaluating data technology vendors to provide you informed recommendations

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Service Elements

GreySpark’s data function is designed to assist clients in managing their data and implementing analytical solutions. We work closely with our clients to solve both strategic and analytical data problems.

Data Architecture

  • Assessing current data architecture suitability and fitness-for-purpose, whether third-party or bespoke in-house solutions
  • Providing technical resources to implement and/or re-engineer current solutions

Data Quality Assessment

  • Assessing data quality along multiple dimensions: completeness; accuracy; consistency; validity and timeliness
  • Assisting the client in designing and implementing data cleansing processes to remedy data quality issues
  • Designing and creating data quality monitoring rules and processes, both built in-house and in conjunction with third-party vendors

Data Strategy and Governance

  • Defining and implementing data governance, data management, analytics and reporting, data migration and architecture solutions
  • Advising clients in managing change by establishing data sponsors, assigning data stewards / champions and communicating new data strategy

Data Analysis and Modelling

  • Implementing bespoke analytical solutions: dashboards / visualisation; BI tool implementation; descriptive analysis of financial data and predictive analysis
  • Working closely with you to tailor solutions to your needs and providing adequate documentation and training on the solutions implemented

Process Automation

  • Delivering process automation to facilitate both data analytics projects and strategic data initiatives
  • Assisting in the implementation of short-term solutions such as Robotic Process Automation
  • Developing applications, updating architecture and optimising data flows

Data Governance Framework

  • Conducting gap analyses of existing infrastructure and the regulatory landscape
  • Providing clear guidelines and assisting in implementation to close out gaps
  • Carrying out independent overviews of Data Governance Frameworks
  • Developing Data Governance Frameworks aligned with your firm’s data strategy

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