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Bespoke Software Development

Developing bespoke software to cater to the tactical and strategic needs of clients

Many, if not all, financial services firms struggle with some outdated technology solutions. Solutions which, over the course of their lifetime, increase in complexity due to architectural entropy and tactical change. The result is a sluggish, brittle, difficult-to-change legacy platform which becomes increasingly expensive to operate and maintain. Off-the-shelf vendor solutions can be a good solution for well defined, homogeneous use cases, however, not every use case has an off-the-shelf solution that is fit for purpose, cost efficient and has the flexibility to scale up organically. For specialised use cases, a custom-built solution may be the smart option to help firms tackle unique scenarios and allow progressive improvement toward a long-term objective. GreySpark’s team of specialist developers can help you develop bespoke software that can be scaled up as you grow your firm.

Our Value

While most technology owners understand the issues that the software they are responsible for poses, they often battle to secure buy-in and convince business stakeholders of the need for change. Frequently, GreySpark observes that either existing resources are not sufficient in terms of the time they have available, or their collective skillset comes up short for the task at hand.

The perceived cost to replace or upgrade legacy technology is difficult to qualify and estimate and the benefits are often difficult to articulate. All of which means that making the case for change problematic in today’s budget-constrained environment. Large-scale initiatives are often thought of as ‘too big to tackle’ by budget holders and implementers alike and, consequently, value-adding initiatives to automate and modernise IT platforms can be abandoned.

GreySpark works with clients to define and scope in-house software development projects, providing expertise and recommendations for technology stacks and software development practices. We can help you develop a minimum viable product (MVP) that suits the immediate needs of the business you service. All developed source code will be owned by you which allows you to further develop the software, operate and support it yourself.

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Service Elements

With our methodical, progressive approach to software development, we help clients realise their vision, whether that be generating new business, modularising existing platforms or automating workflows.

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Helping clients with:

  • The adoption of Agile best practice such as Scrum methodology
  • The design and implementation of CI frameworks
  • Code branching and management techniques
  • Toolchain selection

Microservices Architecture

Helping clients to adopt microservices architectures by:

  • Designing and developing APIs
  • Monolith migration planning
  • Transactional integrity and eventual consistency techniques
  • Tool / vendor selection

DevOps Approach

Helping clients with the automation of software releases, specifically:

  • CI / CD pipeline design for software releases
  • Containerisation and container clustering
  • Elastic scalability
  • Automated test and release

Software Delivery

Helping clients by building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

  • MVP requirements gathering and scoping
  • Iterative design, development, testing and continuous deployment
  • UAT management
  • Final delivery with source codes, documentations and trainings

Knowledge Repository

Find the information you need to help you navigate the complex business and technology challenges you face today.


Our ever-growing repository of industry research contains authoritative, in-depth reports by our Capital Markets Intelligence (CMI) research practice.


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