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We understand that consulting is about bringing innovative, pragmatic solutions to real-world challenges. We understand that our clients will only engage us if we can provide a substantial part of the solution to the problems that they cannot solve alone. This is our mission.

Electronic Trading Risk Management

Advising clients on the latest risk management practices.

Vendor Selection

Lending clients our SME expertise and project management capabilities to the evaluation and selection of vendor offerings


GreySpark works with clients upgrading their surveillance platforms. Our SMEs provide advice to clients wanting to enhancing their trade and communications surveillance.

Operational Risk and Controls

We work with clients to establish the impact of disruptions, identify the people responsible for addressing the risk, and evaluate the real-time contingency plans to avoid disruption.


GreySpark has developed a rigorous and standardised methodology that maximise the relevance and accuracy of the evaluations, whilst minimising the efforts required from our clients.

Bespoke Software Development

With our methodical, progressive approach to software development, we help clients realise their vision, whether that be generating new business, modularising existing platforms or automating workflows.

Fintech Advisory

GreySpark leverages its place at the heart of the financial services industry to act as a facilitator between the different communities covering innovative FinTech firms, private equity funds, global and regional financial institutions and exchanges.

Data Management and Analytics

GreySpark helps clients unlock the value of their data. We can advise on the optimal architecture to store data, help to put in place good governance and management of that data and work with clients to clearly define data models, processes and ownership.

CMI Thought Leadership

GreySpark Partners have identified an opportunity to create a new analysis-, advisory- and research-centric service offering designed to provide buyside firms, financial technology vendors and sellside institutions.

Change Management

Specialists in a range of front- to back-office systems and workflows for the full span of asset classes, with business analysis and project management skills, can be made available to help relieve the burden from staff and drive the change you need made in your organisation.