Trends in E-commerce 2019


Data as a Revenue Driver in a Post-Financial Crisis Landscape

This report delineates investment bank trading services across client interaction channels. The review of offerings from 15 Tier I and Tier II investment banks provides valuable insight into the state of trade electronification, across different asset classes and for a broad array of functions throughout the trade lifecycle. Furthermore, the report evaluates the changing offerings over time and investigates banks’ recent efforts to parlay their knowledge asymmetry from proprietary-trading driven revenue generation to the provision of data-centric services for their buyside clients.

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E-commerce services play a pivotal part in banks’ long-term transition to and successful implementation of agency-trading business models. In 2019 the provision of such digital services remains uneven across the five asset and instrument classes surveyed for this report:

  • cash equities;
  • listed derivatives and structured products;
  • fixed income, including both credit and rates;
  • FX and money markets;
  • emerging markets products; and

GreySpark finds that bank efforts to update their technology stack so as to facilitate more frequent deployments of new builds or updated functionalities are readily evident in the breadth and depth of change in e-commerce services since the implementation of MiFID II.

The report also evaluates bank efforts to re-imagine the manner by which they can use knowledge asymmetry to drive revenues. In 2019, a number of banks offer their clients data-centric services, specifically services in which underlying data is augmented with analytic capability to deliver actionable information. In doing so, a new role emerges for banks’ front-office staff, and their relationship with clients changes significantly.

Published on: 18 Jul, 2019

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  • 1.0 E-commerce Offerings in 2019
    • 1.1 Equities, Listed Derivatives & Structured Products
    • 1.2 Fixed Income
    • 1.3 Foreign Exchange & Money Markets
    • 1.4 Emerging Markets Products
    • 1.5 Commodities
  • 2.0 E-commerce Changes over Time
    • 2.1 Pre-trade Functionality
    • 2.2 At-trade Functionality
    • 2.3 Post-trade Functionality
  • 3.0 Data as a Revenue Driver
    • 3.1 A Lack of Sellside Progress
    • 3.2 Build It & They Shall Not Understand What You Built
  • 4.0 Appendices
    • 4.1 Table of Figures

Report Data & Figures

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