Enterprise DevOps in the Cloud


The Confluence of the Agile, DevOps & Cloud Approaches to IT in the Capital Markets

GreySpark Partners presents a report that examines the broken nature of IT departments in the capital markets and discusses how to remedy some key challenges they face. Adopting in combination the Agile software development framework, DevOps approach to IT development and operations and cloud technology across the enterprise facilitates healing of the increasingly brittle infrastructures typically found in investment banks in 2018.

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To create a healthy and efficient IT environment, managers must be able to outrun technical debt by extracting legacy technology and introducing replacements, and by upgrading existing systems embedded within the enterprise in a seamless manner. The challenge in delivering a seamless IT change can be, in part, attributed to the hidebound and segregated approach traditionally taken to software development. The Agile software development framework and its extension into operations – the DevOps approach – seek to make software development, testing and operations a more effective and efficient process. The significance of the cloud paradigm in the context of DevOps is that cloud technology and service models can be leveraged to better facilitate the creation of an enterprise DevOps environment.

This report – based on survey responses from six Tier I global and regional investment banks –  assesses the maturity of DevOps, Agile and cloud in the capital markets, examines the blockers that capital markets firms are facing in their efforts to adopt enterprise DevOps in the cloud and it describes how those companies can set themselves up for success by focusing on creating the right conditions for the transition that lies ahead.

Published on: 27 Jun, 2018

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Enterprise DevOps in the Cloud – Table of Contents

  • 1.0 IT Strategy in 2018
    • 1.1 The Enterprise Agile, DevOps & Cloud Confluence
    • 1.2 The Reinvigoration of Change Management
  • 2.0 Capital Markets in the Cloud
  • 3.0 Becoming More Agile in the Capital Markets
    • 3.1 Scaled Agile for Large Projects
  • 4.0 The Intermingling of Development and Operations
    • 4.1 Creating Flexible and Resilient Services
  • 5.0 The Reality of Enterprise DevOps in the Cloud
  • 6.0 Appendices
    • 6.1 Glossary of Terms
    • 6.2 Table of Figures