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Proximity Hosting & Network Latency


UK Investment Bank



Asset Class

Equities; Futures




1 month

The Ask

The competitive marketplace for providers of proximity and colocation data centres has helped lower costs and offers an attractive proposition to banks to looking to benefit from lower latency.

The third-party marketplace for data centres has provided the client with the opportunity to lower operating costs by migrating from their London-based sites.

The client wished to understand the full impact this move would have on the network latency for each of their market data services.


GreySpark provided a Consultant that had an in-depth knowledge of the challenges the client faced.

The Consultant engaged with the client’s infrastructure team to understand their needs before researching and gathering knowledge on exchanges, data centres and service providers in the region and globally.


GreySpark delivered a report that included:

  • A detailed description of the approach used to perform the full analysis of network latency impact on a service-by-service basis;
  • Raw network latency data;
  • An analysis of the network latency impact in the context of the overall end-to-end topology; and
  • Recommendations for next steps.

GreySpark Delivered Benefits

  • The client was able to quickly grasp the impact network latency would have on each of the services.
  • The client was able to shortlist services required further development.
  • The research GreySpark provided led the client to see them as a trusted source. GreySpark helped enable the client project teams to confidently plan the next steps.

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