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OpRisk Dashboard: Extended Coverage


Swiss Investment Bank


Risk Management; Technology

Asset Class





6 months

The Ask

The OpRisk Dashboard is an existing solution developed in-house, used to log a wide range of risk metrics from 50+ data sources, which are exported to a report and presented to COOs of certain businesses on a weekly/monthly basis. New businesses were required to be covered in the report based on a set of rules, without conflicting with existing rules.


  • Using a set of rules, filter raw data to be uploaded to a database;
  • Liaise with business COOs to ensure each trade’s book/desk is assigned to the correct business;
  • Include checks for data quality and integrity;
  • Test data for each month against external reports; and
  • Update documentation to include the new rules for each data source.


A GreySpark Analyst Consultant applied the following approach to the client’s problem:

  1. Plans were set out for development testing and user acceptance testing.
  2. The Analyst Consultant worked with the developer to make necessary tweaks to the tool to accommodate changes.
  3. Any required data that wasn’t received as part of the existing process was sourced, ensuring data was included for future weeks/months.
  4. Upon completion of testing, all results were verified with stakeholders before final sign-off.


GreySpark delivered:

  • A dashboard equipped to handle new rules;
  • A data gathering process structurally improved and refined to reflect the client’s rules; and
  • Fully updated and overhauled documentation.

GreySpark Delivered Benefits

  • The client was able to reliably oversee areas of risk on a wider scale and was able to implement an extension to the existing tool that made all processes more efficient and streamlined.

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