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New Research to Help Financial Sector Mitigate Delays in Crucial Infrastructure Projects

By 18 Apr, 2012November 11th, 2019Press Releases

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  • Buy and Sellside demand modernised IT infrastructures
  • Enhanced regulatory pressure demands compatible and compliant systems

LONDON – 18th April 2012 – GreySpark Partners, the capital markets consultancy, has published a new industry report written by their research arm, Capital Markets Intelligence. “Infrastructure Investment: Are Banks Penny-wise and Pound-foolish?” takes a critical view on existing IT infrastructures within Buyside and Sellside firms, looking at the system design and redesign processes, and how firms can reduce overall infrastructure costs, commenting on why this is necessary.

As well as looking at best practices around infrastructure and project management, the paper will also discuss and address key issues in the industry including cloud computing, co-location and datacentre consolidation.

This research comes at a time when increasing regulatory pressure in today’s wholesale finance market means there is a high demand from clients and regulators to retain more data, for longer, and make it easily accessible. Subsequently many banks are investing in new and alternative infrastructures, with cloud access being just one of these new alternatives that is allowing data storage to continue in line with how the new regulations dictate, while keeping costs down.

Bradley Wood, partner, GreySpark Partners, and author of the report, commented “The financial services sector is rife with shortcomings in its infrastructure investment. Firms suffer inflated costs, increased operational risk, missed business opportunities and adverse reputational impact as a result of this. For a sector that tends to spend on average 9% more than other sectors, this is something that must be changed. This research aims to show IT professionals in this space how to better manage their priorities, operations and development, and install best practices and avoid such oversights.”

The report, generated from GreySpark’s 15 years of collective experience in project management, and anecdotal evidence from ongoing and previous projects, also focuses on how to reduce infrastructure costs by better leveraging service, utility and utilisation models in line with current trends towards newer technologies, such as cloud access. A key emphasis is on improving project, infrastructure and IT operation efficiency by presenting best practice.

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