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Merger-Mania Spells Global Exchange Shake-up

By 14 Feb, 2011June 6th, 2017News

Financial News

In this detailed article by Michelle Price, Financial News, the recent merger activity between the London Stock Exchange and TMX group, NYSE Euronext and Europe’s Deutsche Börse is put into context. With industry experts hailing that the market should be bracing itself for a further flurry of deals as global exchanges try to defend their market share, GreySpark joins the debate, mentioning that LSE’s move to take over TMX is not enough to protect it from other predators. Moreover, the article goes on to mention that there is a possibility that another exchange may swoop in and up the ante in the LSE’s bid for the TMX group. Despite this, however, there is a view that the merger between the LSE and the TMX gives the former more clout in the resources sector, making it more in common with its Asian peers such as the SGX and the Australian Stock Exchange

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