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20 Jul, 2022

MiFID II: Untangling the Trading Venue Perimeter

The dramatic increase over the past decade in the percentage of trading that is carried out electronically has given rise to a plethora of technology providers offering a range of…
InsightsTechnology Trends
19 Jul, 2022

Operational Resilience Regulation: Why Multinationals Must Take a Group-wide Approach

Since 2008, economic shock after shock focused regulators on initiatives to shore up the overall resilience of financial firms and reduce the impact of systemic interdependencies. Regulation dedicated to ensuring…
InsightsTechnology Trends
6 Jul, 2022

Low Code and the Technology Continuum

Financial institutions face three enduring IT challenges: first, the maintenance and upgrade of legacy monolithic enterprise applications; second, the suboptimal behaviour of embedded third-party vendors in terms of slowness to…


ESG considerations in capital marketsNews
30 Sep, 2021

The Great ESG Journey

The Great ESG Journey In 2021, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are emerging as a mainstream theme for the capital markets. Associated with sustainability, the ESG concept integrates environmental…
20 Jun, 2018

Preparing for the Post-Brexit Landscape

The British decision to withdraw from the EU represents the most significant shift in UK politics in a half-century. Although the terms for a successful withdrawal are not yet finalised,…
5 Jun, 2018

Can Agile Methods Be Applied to the Enterprise?

Can Agile Methods Be Applied to the Enterprise? To expand Agile principles from individual IT teams throughout large multidisciplinary organisations is possible but the crucial first step must come from…

Press Releases

Press Releases
12 Aug, 2020

TCA is No Longer Sufficient: Buyside Firms Now Need TQA

New research produced by GreySpark Partners, a leading global capital markets consultancy, makes the case for a new form of pre- and post-trade TCA reporting that utilises a breed of…
Press Releases
29 Nov, 2019

Smart Data Analytics Set to Play Key Role in Reducing Buyside & Sellside Trading Costs

New GreySpark Partners research outlines the significant potential for financial markets firms to transform huge quantities of Big Data into actionable information – Smart Data – through specialised analytics
Press Releases
4 Sep, 2018

Despite Lack of Real-money Investors, the Cryptocurrencies Marketplace is Institutionalising

A new, freely available report from GreySpark Partners, a leading global capital markets consulting firm, shows how key characteristics of the global cryptocurrencies trading landscape are now maturing to a…