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Market Intelligence Report Focused on Market Data Connectivity and Hosting


Global Vendor



Asset Class

Equities; Futures; FX




4 weeks

The Ask

The client, a global vendor, wished to define their development and investment strategy for their EMEA offering.

For input for the strategy work, GreySpark was tasked with providing impartial market research that would offer insight into:

  • Client segmentation;
  • Challenges the industry is facing; and
  • Market opportunities in the market data, connectivity and hosting spaces.


In order to produce the requested report, the GreySpark team:

1. Examined 18 leading exchanges in EMEA.

2. Investigated recent, ongoing and proposed regulatory initiatives in all EMEA countries.

3. Interviewed 10+ heads of technology from the leading EMEA buyside and sell-side firms.

4. Examined in-house benchmarks on market data, connectivity and hosting.

In order to ensure that the final report met the client’s objectives and was beneficial for the client’s strategy definition, GreySpark communicated regularly with the client and shared the preliminary report. A joint workshop gave the client the opportunity to follow up on any outstanding questions and discuss GreySpark’s recommendations.


The client received a report that provided:

  • Insight into market structure per asset class;
  • Insight into technology requirements depending on trading behaviours;
  • Market segmentation and market sizing;
  • An assessment of potential locations for EMEA data centres;
  • A list of regulatory initiatives and their impact for the client;
  • An assessment of market problems and opportunities; and
  • A client-specific list of recommendations.

The report was followed by a presentation and a workshop with the client’s senior team.

GreySpark Delivered Benefits

  • GreySpark enabled the client to make fact-based decisions in the process of creating a strategy for their EMEA offering.
  • GreySpark provided an independent view on the challenges and opportunities the capital markets industry is facing, which allowed the client to determine the priority areas for EMEA services.

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