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GreySpark Launches Technology Accelerator Service

By 2 Feb, 2018November 11th, 2019Press Releases

LONDON – 2 Feb 2018 – GreySpark Partners, a leading global capital markets consulting firm, announced the launch of its new Technology Accelerator offering, a suite of services designed to help banks and vendors update and modernise their technology stacks and processes.

“Banks and many of their technology vendors continue to rely on outdated server infrastructure, brittle software architectures and legacy IT processes in an environment where businesses and regulators demand more data, more insightful analytics, more reliable performance, better security, faster change and less risk. And this, in an environment where IT cost reduction remains a priority,” said Bradley Wood, Partner, and Head of the Technology Accelerator offering.

GreySpark’s Technology Accelerator offers a holistic, complementary suite of services to tackle specific problem areas of IT modernisation:

SDLC Advisory – GreySpark provides the help needed to adopt modern, agile software delivery practices, including lifecycle design and automation, toolchain selection and team organisation, for all aspects of the software delivery lifecycle. Whether introducing modern requirements engineering approaches like behaviour-driven development or installing best practices in automated testing and deployment, GreySpark’s Technology Accelerator team brings a proven track record in designing and implementing modern software delivery pipelines.

Microservices – By leveraging the microservices architecture pattern used by the world’s most successful technology companies, firms can improve the performance, efficiency, availability and running cost of their mission-critical applications. GreySpark provides architecture, infrastructure and software development services to help clients implement modern architecture patterns like microservices, containerisation and data pipeline processing for Big Data applications.

DevOps – GreySpark’s DevOps experts helps clients design, implement and operate DevOps practices that can reduce headcount cost and maximise datacentre and cloud efficiency while also minimising risk and maximising performance and reliability. GreySpark has substantial experience with the most popular DevOps toolsets and is well placed to help clients select, implement and rollout DevOps techniques, even in the most complex, mission-critical IT estates.

Test Automation – Modern test automation reduces cost, enables rapid change and minimises production downtime. GreySpark’s extensive expertise in test harness development, CI/CD integration and just-in-time environment provisioning brings a raft of benefits to clients who are seeking to streamline their software change management costs and processes.

CyberSecurity – GreySpark’s experience in cybersecurity assurance stems from multiple implementations of PCI DSS, CSA and ISO 27000 compliant stacks. Augmenting this is GreySpark’s extensive knowledge of the specific requirements of financial services regulations. The result is a tailored security advisory, assurance and SecOps implementation offering for financial services and related businesses who face an ever-increasing cyber threat and increasingly onerous data and systems-related regulations.

These five services are specifically tailored to address the most challenging barriers to wholesale IT modernisation that many large financial services businesses face. As a service provider to both investment banks, and Fintech firms, GreySpark is uniquely positioned to help its enterprise clients realise the advantages of IT modernisation as it becomes ever important in the digital age.

“GreySpark’s ancestry lies in investment banking technology with its founding partners who brought decades of technology experience to the firm when it was founded in 2009. With the launch of the Technology Accelerator, we have combined that experience with an expert grasp of modern IT approaches gleaned from our experience working with start-ups, cloud businesses and challenger banks. The result is a compelling marriage of experience and cutting-edge modern approaches specifically tailored to those wholesale finance clients who understand the benefit of adopting to modern IT approaches like DevOps and Microservices, but who, like most, find the transition painful,” said Frederic Ponzo, Managing Partner at GreySpark.

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