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Day 1 of GreySpark’s existence began in the corner of a shared office space in Finsbury Square, otherwise known as “the shoebox”. The Partners walked to PC World on Moorgate, bought a couple of laptops, set up the phones and started making the first calls.

Eight years later, and now with a global footprint, we fondly look back on what we have achieved and look ahead to a bright future.

Tohfeh Pichvai
Founding Partner & Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

“Forever seems a long time, but I wouldn’t mind spending it working with such Professional, Persistent, Trustworthy and Talented people around me”.

Andrew Mclauchlan
Founding Partner & Managing Director Americas

The company has both changed and grown significantly since we first started in a shared office in London. Personally, I’ve been in the fortuitous position of setting up our offices around the globe, which has allowed me to meet and work with truly exceptional people in Europe, Asia and North America. As a company, we’ve reached some significant milestones but the journey is only getting started. Thanks to my colleagues for the hard work put in and thanks to our clients for selecting us on their many projects.

Connie Ng
Partner & Managing Director Asia Pacific

From its infancy, I have had the honour of working with a team of intelligent, tenacious and driven people.

Building our foundations and headquarters in London, to achieving our global reach today – we will continue to strive and succeed in creating a business that will stand the test of time.

George Kao
Founding Partner & Head of UK Business Development

It is amazing to think how far we have come and the steps we have taken little by little to get from a corner of an office to establishing ourselves in five cities worldwide today.  What makes it most special is the people that have been with us on this journey, some from the beginning, some not, but ultimately everyone we have crossed paths with has played their part in making us what we are today.  What makes it exciting is that the people who continue on this journey will also continue playing their part to make us what we will be tomorrow and beyond!

Frederic Ponzo
Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

GreySpark is celebrating its bronze anniversary this month and it cannot be more fitting. By combining copper and tin you obtain a very strong alloy that can endure the test of time. Since 2009 we have been refining the alchemy that makes us who we are today: Finance and technology, strategic advice and project hands-on delivery, sweat and brain matter.  These are the metals this firm is made of.

Bradley Wood
Founding Partner & Chief Operations Officer (COO)

I look back on the last 8 years with both fond memories and a sense of pride and achievement in what we’ve built from those humble beginnings. My thanks and respect goes to each and every person who contributed towards getting us to where we are today and I look forward to the next 8 years where, with your help, we will see the GreySpark franchise grow into something we all can be even more proud of.