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GreySpark Partners Announces Partnership with Velocimetrics

By 2 May, 2012November 11th, 2019Press Releases

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  • Consultancy to utilise tool-set to assess latency in the financial services sector; customers given necessary insight into increasing competitive edge and performance of their trading systems.

LONDON, 2nd May 2012 – Grey Spark Partners, the capital markets consultancy with offices in London and Hong Kong, today announced a strategic partnership with Velocimetrics, a London based software company that develops real-time performance monitoring solutions for trading environments. GreySpark will now be using the Velocimetrics tool-set to assess latency on all related projects.

Velocimetrics uses innovative software to monitor and manage high-performance highly-distributed applications, providing key business performance indicators, such as measured latency, a key focus and speciality for GreySpark. As part of GreySpark’s services, they offer research and strategy consulting via their research arm, Capital Markets Intelligence. Following this division’s annual review of latency vendor offering and latency benchmarking, delivered via report entitled “Low Latency: Faster than Light” in February, GreySpark decided to formerly commence a partnership with Velocimetrics. During the research cycle for this report, GreySpark consultants were trained extensively by Velocimetrics’ experts to use their technology throughout, in order to accurately evaluate low latency technology providers and strategies to reduce latency.

Using Velocimetrics tool-kit, GreySpark consultants will be able to analyse the business flows in high capacity, high frequency trading environments in real-time, to provide traders and trade desk managers with immediate information regarding the performance of their systems and networks. This will give their customers the insight needed to increase their competitive edge and the financial performance of their trading systems.

Steve Colwill, CEO and Chief Architect, Velocimetrics, commented: “The bespoke nature of trading systems means that monitoring solutions must be customised to suit. Of the consultancies that we considered, GreySpark demonstrated an unrivalled understanding of how trading systems operate and how parameters such as latency can influence their performance and competitiveness. GreySpark’s technical expertise and experience in this area make them the ideal partner to undertake new implementations of Velocimetrics based solutions for customers.”

Frederic Ponzo, Managing Partner, GreySpark Partners, added: “When we were evaluating potential partners specifically for the latency research, Velocimetrics was a clear front runner, and well suited to the task we had at hand. The ability to integrate the solutions into multiple different hardware and software environments, along with the interface being highly intuitive with a strong graphical, drag and drop functionality, meant that our research into latency has only been enhanced. We look forward to working more closely with Velocimetrics and its experts on future projects.”

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