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Global Operational Risk Dashboard

By 12 Mar, 2015June 18th, 2018Case Studies, Surveillance


Swiss Investment Bank


All Business Functions

Asset Class





12 months

The Ask

The client, a large investment bank, suffered a series of losses due to the failure of operational controls, leading to a regulatory requirement to provide more comprehensive reporting.

This mandate resulted in a high volume of significantly detailed reports, leading to information overload for senior managers tasked with reviewing this data.

In response, the client sought a way to rationalise the data in a format that would provide a single source, front-to-back linked view of the information, highlighting data marked as critical.


The GreySpark team first analysed the metrics and data sources required, which were cross-referenced with available tactical and strategic data. The following tasks were identified:

  1. Deliver business requirements and technical design documents based on GreySpark data analysis.
  2. Build and design a Golden Source for data from a variety of sources (email, pdf, SharePoint and direct connected data from systems).
  3. Adapt Qlikview UI to format results.
  4. Report back to the regulator.


GreySpark delivered:

  • A single view dashboard for all front-to-back metrics identified as core to risk management (around 50 named metrics covering Sales, Trading, Risk, Control, Operations, HR, Technology and Finance);
  • Data sourcing from a tactical and strategic view. Tactical data was to be on-boarded with the first iteration of core metrics, to be provided within three months of start;
  • A build of a centralised Golden Source of metric data; and
  • A design and build of a GUI and the enablement of a global view for a desk level.

GreySpark Delivered Benefits

  • The dashboard now provides the client with a single Golden Source and a global view of metrics for use by COOs.
  • The control data can be cut quickly to give a consolidated view across one or many metrics –  this saves the client time and provides data transparency.
  • Strategic control meetings now use the dashboard.
  • The dashboard satisfies regulator demands and provides key control and risk management across all regions.

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