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FX Low Latency Hardware Review


French Investment Bank


Front-office trading; Technology

Asset Class



Hong Kong


1 month

The Ask

Following a review of latency performance, the client wanted to conduct a further investigation into low latency firewalls, switches and NICs, used in eTrading colocation scenarios.

The client also wanted to performance benchmark a number of emerging hardware solutions.


GreySpark leveraged its extensive client network to conduct a survey on hardware solutions used by market participants.

GreySpark used specialist infrastructure consultants to produce a detailed performance analysis of emerging hardware solutions.


GreySpark delivered:

  • Detailed analyses of the best-of-breed firewalls, switches and NICs;
  • Key metrics across latency, throughput, reliability and cost of ownership; and
  • Competitor analysis covering the following dimensions: switches, firewalls, NICs, servers, colocation venues, messaging middleware, latency monitoring tools, network speed and target latency.

GreySpark Delivered Benefits

  • The client gained an understanding of competitor eTrading colocation hardware choices.
  • The client has used the information to drive strategic investment decisions regarding their low latency offering.
  • GreySpark helped better position the client to compete with industry leaders.

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