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FX eCommerce Single Dealer Platform

By 12 Mar, 2015June 18th, 2018Case Studies, Technology


French Investment Bank


IT; Operations; Technology

Asset Class

FX; FX Options; Precious Metals




1 year

The Ask

The client’s FX eCommerce platform, primarily focused on low latency FX trading, has undergone a significant change to enhance its performance and capabilities through continuous Agile software enhancements.

GreySpark was asked to provide and assist the client with technology project management. The project initiative was largely focused on migration to C++, core development to improve stability and expansion into new colocation sites.


Having previously worked with the client, GreySpark:

  • Identified and understood the client requirements to a detailed level;
  • Understood the need to deploy a highly skilled Senior Consultant to manage a series of new projects;
  • Improved reporting and management of projects risks and issues;
  • Delivered new tools and mature processes for future projects; and
  • Developed strong relationships with sponsors and stakeholders.


The GreySpark Senior Consultant delivered:

  • Project plans for various initiatives;
  • Perforce software for SVN Migration;
  • A complete New York environment build-out;
  • Server consolidation;
  • A clean-up of depreciated components from servers, build scripts, etc.;
  • A kick-started process to upgrade servers across Development and Production environments; and
  • A holistic process and project to help improve deployment procedures and tools.

GreySpark Delivered Benefits

  • GreySpark helped streamlining delivery handover to QA and improved ease of deployment.
  • Platform stability from DoS Attack was improved.
  • Latency performance of market adaptors was improved.
  • GreySpark helped improve overall latency by collocating adjacent to US customers and data providers.
  • The overall complexity of environments was reduced and platform performance was enhanced through upgrades and component consolidation.

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