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FX Dealers Embrace Mobile Revolution

By 24 Nov, 2011May 30th, 2017News

Financial News

GreySpark provides data from a recent research paper on e-commerce (‘Trends in E-Commerce and Electronic Trading’, published 23.05.11) for a forward thinking article by Financial News’ Tom Osborne, looking at how FX trading is progressively becoming electronic.

Osborne looks at various trends in the electronic trading space, with industry experts commenting that banks need to change their offering and adapt themselves to clients’ needs. The article reveals that an increasing number of clients have shifted to social media for updates on the financial markets.

The article goes on to evaluate trading platforms that have been altered to suit the current market needs, as well as banks that have started from scratch in terms of building a specialised FX platform. It concludes by suggesting that there is perhaps an advantage in building a brand new e-trading platform, giving banks added flexibility and the advantage of responding to current industry trends and pressures.

GreySpark’s data revealed that in 2010 65% of spot foreign exchange trades were electronic. In 2012, GreySpark’s research showed that this will be estimated to be at 80%, and in 2014, 95%. Please click here for further information on this research.

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