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FX Algo Trading Platform Development


UK Hedge Fund



Asset Class





12 months

The Ask

The client was running an obsolete FX trading platform that could not be updated or extended due to lack of source code.

The client wanted to design a new scalable and robust platform from scratch which would support low latency trading. The source code would be fully owned by the client.


The deployed GreySpark team analysed the client requirements and proposed a three-tier distributed system design:

  1. Java EE business tier featuring scalable services to support redundancy.
  2. JMS-compatible middleware with proven performance characteristics to achieve low latency.
  3. WPF4 clients using Prism composition for the best user experience and extensibility.


GreySpark delivered:

  • Product: trading platform and source code.
  • Documentation: architecture diagrams and design documentation.

GreySpark Delivered Benefits

  • The new platform GreySpark designed embodied cutting-edge technologies.
  • The Agile development approach GreySpark recommended ensured that the client received incremental benefits with each delivery.
  • The client maintained full control of the system performance characteristics, design and development stages.
  • The platform extensibility ensures that it can meet the client’s future needs.

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