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Vendor Intelligence: Company Analysis, Client Analysis and Market Overview


British Private Equity Firm


Front-office Trading
Market Data

Asset Class

Listed Derivatives




8 weeks

The Ask

Objective: Perform financial and product capability analysis of a trading technology vendor that services both buyside and sellside financial services institutions


  • Market overview to provide client with insight into and understanding of the current trading technology market landscape and how the vendor currently competes
  • Fundamental and historical revenue analysis of the vendor
  • Insight into the vendor’s product range, current market position and future revenue potential
  • Final reports must contain current macro market indicators within the Equities and Listed Derivatives trading markets.


  1. Assemble experienced team of consultants from across different GreySpark practices
  2. Begin preliminary research including gathering: Equity Market Indicators, Equity Sales & Trading Revenues, ECM Revenue Pools and Cost/Income Ratio for Top 20 Tier 1 Financial Institutions
  3. Measure the financial health of the vendor against: Historical Revenue Breakdown by Business Line and Product, Recurring client revenue by product and business line and financial structure and financial stability
  4. Review the target product offering by examining: the Front-office OEMS, market data & distribution, commentary on future opportunities and the profile of Top 20 Tier 1 financial institutions as core customer base of the client
  5. Research the equity trading and technology landscape by: gathering information from the GreySpark intellectual property library and the public domain and interviewing selected market participants and industry experts to gauge market conditions


OMS was successfully implemented well within schedule. Client reports high level of satisfaction with both the new system and GreySpark’s approach and delivery.

Final Deliverables:

  • Detailed analysis of Front-to-Back technology architecture and current systems and processes
  • Peers’ benchmarking report
  • Regulatory impact assessment
  • Documentation of vendor selection process
  • Schedule and detailed documentation of entire project lifestyle
  • Installation and integration of new OMS architecture

GreySpark Delivered Benefits

  • Mandatory analysis was expanded and deepened through the addition of a peer benchmarking report, which provided crucial industry insight.
  • A modular project management scheme allowed GreySpark consultants to ‘own’ specific project sections in order to best leverage their experience and unique skillsets. Each step of the project was overseen by an expert.
  • The CMI Team provided proprietary, in-depth research for the initial vendor selection process based on their relationships with those vendors based on past work.
  • GreySpark worked collaboratively with the bank’s development, IT and compliance teams to create holistic training sessions for the new OMS and hand back ‘ownership’ to the internal teams.
  • Finally, GreySpark provided detailed and specific insight into the bank’s culture to outline advice on how new technologies and products should be integrated in the future.

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