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Financials in tech battle over bond trading

By 2 Jul, 2012May 30th, 2017News

Financial Times

As part of an FT series on how banks are changing their business models and subsequently their IT strategy, Tracy Alloway, Michael MacKenzie & Nicole Bullock look at the role of IT and technology in the banks, specifically the future of electronic trading.

With corporate bonds and other fixed income securities set to trade electronically on large open exchanges similar to stocks markets, some financial firms are attempting to shape the new market structure in their favour.

GreySpark is of the opinion that widespread electronic fixed-income trading “will happen,” it is just a question of when and how many of the platforms being developed survive.

Big banks have traditionally acted as “dealers” of fixed income assets including corporate bonds and credit default swaps, and the article goes on to evaluate the impact of electronic bond trading will have on the banking sector.

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