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With MiFID II Quickly Approaching, Challenges Still Remain

Just three months remain before the rollout, on Jan. 3, 2018, of one of the EU’s most ambitious, yet controversial packages of financial reforms: MiFID II. Right across the bloc, firms are in full implementation mode, despite some requirements still being poorly understood or lacking clarity and key pieces of market infrastructure still being designed.

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Tech revolution to transform swap trading

The Financial Times has published an article looking at the technology that is being developed for swap trading, following the recent financial reforms. GreySpark comments on the main trends, focusing on SEF aggregation as one particular way the banks are changing their business models.

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Bond stampede fear spurs race for reform

The Financial Times looks at corporate bond liquidity, focusing on how the corporate bond market could standardise itself in a similar way to how the US treasury market has. It goes on to look at the various challenges that the corporate bond market faces in terms of liquidity, and examines various potential solutions that might be available. GreySpark comments on the main trends and challenges the market faces.

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