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Capital Markets Intelligence: A (Brief) Letter from the Head of the Practice

This past year was an eventful one for GreySpark’s thought leadership research practice. As always, we are very grateful to our loyal subscriber sponsors and readers, CMI Blog browsers and – indeed – to our subject matter expert colleagues across the capital markets industry, within GreySpark’s client base and within GreySpark as a whole for their commentary, feedback and general inputs into our now well-established research product.

The year began with three objectives:

  • The renewal of CMI’s focus and commitment to providing our readership of 10,000+ individual subscribers with high quality, forward-looking, long-form reports;
  • Heighten and hone CMI’s efforts at developing research-centric relationships with key financial markets industry stakeholders in London and globally, achieved through a series of targeted client workshops and a new series of monthly CMI Breakfast Briefing presentations; and
  • Mature the development of the CMI Thought Leadership service offering, which is focused on providing GreySpark clients with bespoke, targeted pieces of invaluable IP designed to further their organisation’s strategic understanding of the e-commerce, e-trading capital markets arena.

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved all three of those objectives in what was, overall, a challenging year for financial markets research providers of all ilk as MiFID II’s research unbundling requirements slowly became a reality. By the end of December 2017, the practice will have published 22 reports since January exploring a range of topics, including:

CMI has also delivered 4 Breakfast Briefing client and subscriber presentations on topics ranging from Trends in Fixed Income Trading to Living with MiFID II.