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GreySpark understands that technology is a key enabler for our clients. We thus make it our business to be experts in technology architecture, design, implementation, and operations and can provide technology professionals with expertise in infrastructure, architecture, application development and production support.
GreySpark’s Technology practice have a deep understanding of not only the technology currently available and in use today, but also the trends and innovations that our clients will be using in the future.  In a fast paced industry where technology can be the differentiator, we make it our business to work with vendors from start-ups to established solution providers in hardware and software.
Our team of consultants are focussed on a number of services within the Capital markets finance technology space, ranging from small focussed advisory or market analysis engagements, technical project management of solution delivery and implementation, to scalable development teams building bespoke client platforms.
GreySpark technology services include:
  • Architecture
  • Devops
  • Software Development
  • Systems Deployment & Integration
  • Technical Analysis

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Mobile eCommerce Platform: PCI DSS Compliance

The client is working on building a software development kit for each mobile platform, as a service embedded into consumer apps and merchants' systems, enabling more transactions and incremental value…
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FX Low Latency Hardware Review

Following a review in latency performance, the client wanted to conduct a further investigation into low latency firewalls, switches and NICs, used in e Trading colocation scenarios.
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FX Algo Trading Platform Development

The client was running an obsolete FX trading platform that could not be updated or extended due to lack of source code. The client wanted to design a new scalable…
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Cloud Microservices Architecture Remediation

The client, a pre-revenue fin-tech payments and mobile commerce start-up acquired the technology assets from another firm and wished to bring a new offering to market in the mobile commerce…
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Low Latency Trading Platform Design & Development

The client received a new platform tailored specifically to its needs and designed in conjunction with the expert advice and experience of GreySpark.
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Technology Due Diligence Exercise

IONA is a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) decision making project originated by large private equity fund for assessing the integration possibility between an online digital bank (Bank A) and a…
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